My name is Mohammed Mohsin. I am a third year mechanical engineering student. I am really interested in software development especially development involving use of machine learning algorithms. Being from a mechanical engineering background i always had a inferiority complex , and always felt inferior to my CSE peers. I started learning programming languages and did some ML projects, but always used to feel that I am lacking the skills that a ideal software engineer should possess. Then I heard about KWOC through LinkedIn and registered for it. While I registered for KWOC I had a hope that by…

Multi-purpose robots used in automotive industries

Have you ever imagined that you could sit in your home and operate heavy end machinery such as lathes, CNC etc which are situated miles away in some remote factory .This imagination has turned into reality with the advent of “industrial robots”.Industrial robots are programmable mechanical devices used in place of a person to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with high degree of accuracy.These robots can be used in wide range of industries such as manufacturing, textile , rubber and plastic industry, automotive industry , electronics industry etc. …

Mohsin Mohammed

A small town boy with a big city dream!! Tech-enthusiast and an animal-lover

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